Shannons insurance products are specially tailored to the individual needs of motoring enthusiasts and relies on direct contact with clients rather than through other agents or brokers. Today, as part of the Suncorp Group, Shannons has offices in all state capitals, the ACT and Northern Territory. Across Australia Shannons is the first choice of motoring enthusiasts when it comes to insuring their special cars, motorcycles and homes, as well as the day to day cars of owners.


  • Nitto Tyres

    Founded in 1949. Nitto Tyre is driven by passion and innovation. We create tyres for those who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. We always strive to anticipate and drive consumer trends by supporting emerging markets before they are mainstream, helping them grow and driving the market forward. Our tyre sizing, tread patterns and tyre compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. This technology has helped us create some of the most radical-looking tyre designs on the market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development, quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures. By incorporating computer-modeled designs for road noise reduction and a program that aids in enhancing dynamic contact points while driving, our engineers successfully identify and counteract undesirable tyre responses in a variety of driving conditions. In addition, the tested technological advances in polymer tread compounds allow our engineers to deliver truly high-quality tyres that provide extended tread life, improved traction on both wet and dry roads and inspire driver satisfaction.


  • Autocraze

    AutoCraze was founded by passionate people who have worked in the automotive industry for a combined total of over 30 years! We’re talking about people who were the masterminds behind one of the biggest stores for wheels and tyres ever created. They know what customers want and how customers feel because they are still these customers themselves. We have seen a gap in the automotive market where customers are not being met with a high level of professionalism and service. Customers are frustrated with getting the wrong information, being made false promises and retailers who are too preoccupied with profit margins and not enough on customer satisfaction. This is where we come in.Here at AutoCraze we are committed to giving the power back to the people. We want to know what you want, when you want it and even how you want it. Sending out over 200 sets of wheels, tyres and wheel and tyre packages all across Australia each week, find out why AutoCraze is fast becoming your number one wheel and tyre


  • Autosports Honda

    Autosports Honda, Sydney’s newest Honda dealership, is conveniently located 6km from the CBD and only 8km from the airport. Our stunning new Leichhardt showroom offers a large selection of the Honda model range. Complete with easy customer parking, demonstrator vehicles, and 20 bay service workshop, Autosports Honda is focused on ensuring our clients receive first class customer service.



    Did you know, the AISIN group of companies design and manufacture high quality products for virtually every element of an automobile, from transmission and drivetrain-related products, to the brake system, chassis, engine, body parts, including sunroofs and door latches, and information-related products. In fact, AISIN products are incorporated into vehicles produced by most OEMs worldwide.


  • Concept Garage

    Concept Garage is an innovative new business in the automotive customisation industry specialising in custom carbon-fibre and fibreglass work, repair work, mould making, one-off pieces and 3m vinyl wrap.


  • House of Stance, are a team consisting of like-minded enthusiasts which are pushing the movement of 'Stance/Fitment' and setting the standards within the Australian car community.

    Co-Founders - Owners Mike Tu | Chook Tran

    Wheels Specialist/RAW Works Raymond Chan (BBS)

    Contact us:

    Instagram: @houseofstance #houseofstance #houseofstance_au

    Authorized Dealer for Airlift Performance Suspension Sales enquires:


  • Sky Finance and Investment is a Mortgage Broking Company which seeks to assist you to tailor financing option that suits your needs.

    We have access to dozens of Lenders including the Major Banks and can assist in Home Loans, Personal Loans, Deposit Bonds and Insurance. Whether you would like to discuss refinancing options or a first time home buyer looking to see your options we are here to help. We aim to deliver the highest standard of customer service and your satisfaction is our priority.