Helping us celebrate summer is non other than the captivating Miss HIN Australia 2018 Kara Alcorn.  So if you find yourself in any of the HIN sanctioned events, don’t forget to drop by and say hello, you won’t regret it!

Check out our interview with Miss HIN Australia 2018 below.

Hometown? Sydney, Australia
Nationality? Australian
Height? 172cm
Sign? Libra
Instagram? @Kara_aus
Facebook? www.facebook.com/KARAaus666/

How long have you been modelling? A few years now very sporadically, when the demand for my DJ career became intense I had to put my passion for modelling on hold.
How did you first start out? What was your first gig? I first started out by trying to build a portfolio with any photographer who was willing to work with me. My first gig was for an expo called Austech, I remember going into it telling myself I’m not that prettiest girl in the world so make up for it by working really hard. I still live by that to this day.

What is your ultimate dream car? Murdered out Subaru WRX STI with all the mods to make it look as mean as possible. You couldn’t possibly go to as many car events as I do without dreaming about your perfect build.

Favourite food/place to eat? I frequent Starbucks a lot, but anywhere with a decent coffee & sandwich I’m happy. I love fruit & if yellow Allen’s snakes were healthy I would possibly eat them for every meal.

Current song on repeat? King For A Day by Pierce The Veil & Better Now (Post Malone Cover) by Timeless

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would it be & why? Well I’ll be in Japan in a few days so I guess the next destination after that, I would like to go to would be America. I would love to be able to go to a NBA game with my brother & see what the car scene is like over there. I have a few people there that enjoy what I do so it would be nice to meet them.

If you could have one superpower what would it be & why? This is actually a question I’ve put a stupid amount of thought into before you even asked the question. KNOWLEDGE ABSORPTION! The ability to extract knowledge from people or things. I would be able to become skilled in anything I desired very easily.

If you were stuck on an island & could only bring one thing, what would it be? I’m kind of already on an island called Australia, but to answer the question a survival guide.

Most memorable thing a fan has done for you? I don’t think I’m famous, so I don’t think I have fans. I just have people that enjoy what I do & I call them friends. I had a lovely girl bring me candy to a DJ set when I was on tour in Argentina. Probably shouldn’t take candy from strangers, but she wasn’t in a white van & I have no will power when it comes to candy.

Hidden/special talents? I grew up playing guitar & singing a lot

Five things you can’t live without? My Subaru, Coffee, Music, Money & Internet

How do you describe your personal style? What do you pull your inspiration from?
Alternative Barbie? I really don’t know. I’m comfortable dressed all in black & it really depends on the occasion. I enjoy 50s pin up, the sexy yet classy look. Grungy styles like leather jackets, ripped skinny jeans, & boots. Vans are my go to sneaker!

What do you look for in a guy? I look for someone who is supportive, who can push me to achieve bigger & better things. It’s a huge vibe kill when someone is negative about the things your passionate about. A man who is driven, intelligent, makes me feel safe, worships me like a queen & knows how to get my motor going.

Craziest/Weirdest thing a guy has done to get your attention? I’m trying to think of something wildly romantic but I have nothing. All I can think of is inappropriate stories, so next question…

Three words that describe you? Ambitious, Unique & Compassionate

Future projects? Well in a few days I’ll be flying over to Japan to hopefully immerse myself in all things JDM. When I get back I have a couple of photoshoots lined up & I’m also currently working on merch & building a website. I will be getting behind the wheel of a WRX rally car at some point & of course I’ll be at this years Hot Import Nights so make sure if you see me come & say hello!

What was your most memorable car show experience? Anytime I get the pleasure of being passenger & going out on the wet pan is always exhilarating. Celebrating my birthday last weekend with MotiveDVD at World Time Attack Challenge was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I don’t think I have been hugged so many times in my life, I felt very loved & spoilt.

Final thoughts/shout outs? I would have to start off by thanking Blacklist Events, without them I don’t think I would have as many opportunities in the automotive scene as I do today. Downshift, MotiveDVD, LineUpHire, Boosted Performance Parts, all the photographers that put up with me & all the people who put in the long hours to make events come to life.

All the rad friends I’ve made doing what I do, I wish I could type out every name so you know how important you are, but if your sitting there thinking is she talking about me? yes I’ am!

Last but not least Hot Import Nights Australia, Eirocaptures & Buzkil, for this feature would not be possible without you.

Where can we find you? If you follow me on Instagram at @Kara_aus & my other social media accounts you will always be updated on where you can find me.

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