These are the car entry guidelines as specified by Hot Import Nights USA. Hot Import Nights Australia will be referencing their car ingress, car registration and judging procedures. Following these instructions will help us improve the overall flow of the event, judging, and awarding. We will be introducing new enhancements to cater for the Australian market and to create harmony amongst participants and to make it memorable.

  1. Vehicle entry fee includes a 6m x 4m area, 2 event tickets and one competitor exclusive show bag (including competitor tshirt, vehicle banner sticker, lanyard and more), vehicle space will have sufficient lighting to allow clarity of photographs and videos taken.  Space will also have access to standard power for those that want a custom display.
  2. Please check schedule of car ingress via online enquiry or email.
  3. Follow the time of ingress.
  4. Judging starts one (1) hour after car ingress time allotment.
  5. HOT IMPORT NIGHTS AUSTRALIA requires reservation. We will always prioritise early reservations in all events.
  6. Upon entrance to the event, please bring proof of payment in order to process your admission to the show area. Find a way to comply to avoid delay in your admission into the event.
  7. If you are joining as a group and would like to enter the show altogether, please gather first and then proceed to the registration area. This will avoid any traffic at the entrance gate and inside the venue.
  8. Individual entries may proceed immediately after registration.
  9. Car entry number will be issued and signed by our staff member.
  10. Our Staff will issue event IDs, lanyards, and any other giveaways.
  11. During ingress, vehicle entries will have all the opportunities to fix, adjust, and enhance their rides and their area of responsibility.
  12. During judging time, the vehicle(s) must be ready for viewing and scrutineering.
  13. Judging will be done by a combination of HIN USA staff and local Australian qualified judges organised by the Hot Import Nights Australia Management.
  14. A photo opportunity with the HIN Models will be conducted for all car entry. An official event photographer and model(s) will proceed to each car entrant. Official pictures will be uploaded on the event page for download. This will serve as an official photo memorabilia of the event you entered.
  15. To keep the area clean and organised, banners for clubs or shops can be displayed on the floor/pavement within the area of responsibility only. Make sure that there is no overlapping of car slots.  Participants should be wary of their area. Banners, flags and any display materials need to be securely fixed, such as banners must be secured with sand bags or water bags.
  16. Hot Import Nights Australia will not be liable for any damages caused by the participants' displays to their properties or others' properties.
  17. Commercial banners or posters are not allowed unless approved by the Hot Import Nights Australia organising committee.
  18. Group picture with HIN Models will be done one (1) hour before the trophy awarding and within 30 minutes after the trophy awarding. This official pictures will then be uploaded on the event page and will serve as official photo memorabilia of the event.
  19. Lady Driven Rides should be owned by a “LADY”. Registered and Driven by a “LADY”.
  20. Enjoy the SHOW! Wear your favourite kicks and comfortable street wear. Have fun with your team, your friends, family and everyone else. Don’t discriminate other rides that don’t fit your taste. Be appreciative of other rides.
  21. Drive safely to and from the venue.