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Hot Import Nights (HIN) was founded in California, USA and has been the world’s biggest consumer-centric Automotive lifestyle show for the last 10+ years. With over 20,000 attendees each show across 10+ States in the US, HIN is a brand that influenced and pioneered the automotive lifestyle industry, whilst also congregating high spending consumers that are attracted to other aspects of the automotive culture and lifestyle; such are technology, gaming, fashion, food and entertainment. Below are what corporations are saying about the HIN brand:

With the advent of modern trends and technology such as social media, virtual reality, online influencers and viral/guerrilla marketing, HIN Australia will reap the benefits of these aspects, coupled with the traditions, power and authority of the globally renowned HIN brand to ensure the very success and longevity of HIN in Australia and its influence to the growth, credibility and revival of the Australian modified car, pop culture and lifestyle industry.

And to achieve this and exceed expectations, HIN Australia would love the support and the expertise of the leading stakeholders of the Australian market that can directly or indirectly affect, influence and contribute to the HIN brand. Below are just some of the past and present sponsors of HIN in the US:

By partnering with HIN Australia, the partnership will be designed to drive sales, broaden your brand's market reach as well as strengthening existing B2B and B2C relationships within Australia’s industries that is related to the HIN brand and mission. Below are success stories from HIN in the US:

Hot Import Nights Australia is backed by other businesses in vertical industries (hospitality, leisure and entertainment) that can complement and work cohesively and creatively with your brand and products to create more compelling, sticky and interesting marketing and sales campaigns.

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Hot Import Nights Australia is always looking for long terms partners to work with, if you are interested, please email to discuss opportunities.